Traveling exhibition of law enforcement symbols across the globe 

Unrivalled private collection of police relics - Dr. László Szilas’ private collection of police relics is growing daily.

The passion for collecting relics started over twenty-five years ago. He has symbols from about a hundred and fifty countries by now. 

An unrivalled collection can be found in one of the houses of Esztergom. Dr. László Szilas has been collecting uniforms, caps, badges and insignias of law enforcement bodies for over 25 years. There are police symbols exhibited from nearly 130 countries in this special home museum. In recognition of his work, he has been named Honorary Police and Sheriff in several countries. His dream is to finally open his own museum.

According to Dr. László Szilas, his passion for collecting police relics is an expression of respect. It is difficult to know exactly how large the collection is, because there are new items added to it daily. There are nearly 1500 arm badges, 70-80 caps, 50-60 uniforms and coats, and a large number of cap badges, medals, and other small objects.

The collector contacts people by mail to acquire objects specifying that he wishes to establish a police museum in respect for the law enforcement employees all over the world, and he is happy to receive objects and symbols offered to this end. It can happen that he receives no answer, however, according to him, he got a fast reply to his request from the communist Cuba, and they sent him the badge of the revolutionary Police Force. He became an Honorary Police Officer of the State of Alabama, and he was given the title of Honorary Sheriff in one of the counties of Kansas.

In recognition of his work in promoting law enforcement, he was awarded the Kossuth-Sword in 1994.

- For 25 years, my goal has been to establish a museum that exists on permanent basis. Since I have a love for my region, I would love for this to happen in Esztergom. I am a true optimist. The Maria Valeria bridge was destroyed and hung over the Danube for decades, then one day, it was miraculously rebuilt, and it connected the homeland with the Upland. Similarly, I believe that the museum will also be realised with the help of the Municipality of Esztergom. Until this happens, I will continue to showcase my Traveling Exhibition of Law Enforcement Symbols. In Hungary, I have already had the collection on display in ten counties, and I have had exhibitions in Slovakia as well. In case I receive a request, I am happy to fulfil it - said the collector.

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